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Meet X1

Transform your ride

Imagine a bicycle that can shrink and grow to suit your needs. 

The future of

e bicycles

No need to rely on public transport, or the struggle of parking your car in the city. No expensive or bulky storage costs. Simply pack it up and take it with you.

Fold it and take it with you anywhere

X1's innovative folding system means no more lifting or struggling to get your

bicycle into a tight space.

It can be rolled!

Folds in seconds, no tools required

The X1 effortlessly transforms into half its size. It uses our patented synchronous mechanism for adaptive commuting (SMAC) making it compact and portable. 

Rigid, even in the folded state

Even in the folded state, the bicycle is well packaged and rigid. 

Key electric  



IP 65, Water resistant, 36V, 7.65Ah Lithium Ion battery with Panasonic Cells.

Range of 45km per charge. 

IP 65 water resistant, 250V, 36Nm, BLDC Rear Hub Motor


Ride Modes

Pedal Assist, Throttle and Workout Mode. Ride it as as you wish.

Diamond frame folding. Priceless advantages. 

Unlike other folding bicycles, the X1 is the first bicycle to offer folding in a classic diamond frame geometry. That is a big deal. Diamond frames provide high strength-to-weight ratio with while offering an ergonomic ride posture. Its a win-win. 

Full size wheels. 

The X1 comes with 700x47 full sized wheels that offer high rolling and pedalling efficiency while being ideal to ride on both smooth roads as well as uneven surfaces. 

Folds in seconds. No tools required. 

The X1 effortlessly transforms into half its size. It uses our patented synchronous mechanism for adaptive commuting (SMAC) making it compact and portable. 

For day and night. 

The X1 comes with a bright head light and a loud clear horn. Your bicycle right just got brighter and more importantly, safer. 

Competitive Price. 
Fantastic Value. 

Get the commuting revolution at an introductory price of only Rs.44,999. 



7 Speed

Shimano™ gears with thumb shifter for quick and smooth shifting. 



Front and rear wheel electro mechanical disc brakes for all weather stopping performance 



A one of its kind hybrid frame made up of carbon and stainless steel that offers a long life and high strength. 



A wide saddle with sufficient cushioning to help you ride longer and further. 

Tyres & Rims


High quality, 30 Threads Per Inch (TPI), Nylon tyres that offer superior grip and a long life, fit on double walled, premium, light weight alloy rims. 



A light weight alloy handlebar that you can fold in seconds. 

LCD Display keeps you in control of your ride.

The multi information LCD display lets you know how fast you're going and how much juice is left in your battery. You decide what speed to go and how much effort you put thanks to the 5 levels pedal assist mode and enjoy zipping around town without breaking a sweat.

Pedal Assist.

Your effort in your control. 

The X1 offers 5 levels of pedal assist. Choose the amount of pedalling effort you wish to put in and let the motor do the rest. 

Throttle Mode.

Bicycling made easy. 

Just twist the throttle and you’re off. No pedalling, just effortless cruising.

Workout mode. 

100% your energy.

100% your gain.

The X1 along with being an excellent e bicycle, is also a great bicycle. Ride the X1 without assistance from the motor and sweat it out. 

Ride Modes

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